I had a scanner, printer, the mouse and 1 card reader plugged in the back and a card reader plugged into one on the front. He paid for the third Motherboard he fried the SUBs as he agreed it had to be something on his end. Some time in late was the inception date, I believe. Didn’t know that the installation order matters. Will this card enable all 6 ports to 2.

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I called the place where I got it and mentioned this fact and they said they’d return it for me for the cost of shipping. The only sure and safe way to upgrade any BIOS is via a floppy disk, with a minimal load of files.

Intel Desktop Board D101GGC – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA775 Socket – Radeon Xpress 200 Series

And the mobo drivers should be the first package installed to the OS. How to record ush on your screen using th Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. Find your drivers’ CD MoBo came with then.

Use system restore and go back to a restore point prior to when the problem started.

Support for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DGGC

Do not install the gpu until the board is replaced or risk damaging it as well premature death by overheating. I’m not even sure do I have d101gc the drivers I need, I got what intel provided at downloadcenter. Most likely the driver prob. By nhbfan in forum Computer. Thanks to everyone for sending suggestions. Some time in late was the inception date, I believe. That is a positive ID of the mobo type, model and date. The problem is common where users do not add up all the usb devicesconnected to the pcto find out the total current drawn from the usb systemand overload the usb supply in doing so.


My son was using his mp3 player in the other front one – SanDisk- loading some songs on it. If I consider replacing the motherboard – what are my options?

Didn’t know that the installation order matters.

Ok, I just looked up Intel’s site for chipset, they don’t have those. And any older USB 1. Is there another way to upgrade bios for Ub

I am going to try and sell the replacement board when I d101ggc it. If there’s nothing in USB ports windows load properly, and all the devices keyboard, mouse, wireless adaptor, speakers are working as long as I plug them in after it’s fully up. I got it from newegg and they sent me a number and label to send it back and said they will give me a refund.

I’ve tried to uninstall USB controlers, to see if windows will install them after reboot and it did, with no “! I believe that was d101ggf helped me get this resolved to my satisfaction.


For the BIOS revision type, you look at the very top of the first splash screen. Similar Threads PS2 ports fried my motherboard? There is a small chance the problem is your power supply. You could use a USB hub for that, just place the device by the front of the computer.

I haven’t tried plugging the SanDisk back in any of the ports. We mave give a 90 day instore warranty and beyond that manufacturers coverage is your responsibility.

The Mother Board

I think I’m about out of options other than leave out the video card d101ggc the PCI slot and get a USB card that some have mentioned or new motherboard. D101gvc you decide to upgrade, you would need that, a newer motherboard, and I would upgrade the CPU to a dual core. I thought maybe it was my inexperience so I took it to the computer store where I originally purchased the computer and they too did some tests and it wouldn’t even boot.