I have the same bug with 8. But this patch reverses the y-axis. I’ll be able to try this tomorrow AM when I get access to the hardware again. E and E devices are supported. Here is a package for Hardy

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The elographics X drivers is one of them.

elographics(4) – Linux man page

Is the patch previously mentioned integrated in Intrepid? Now works fine, at least for me. This bug affects 2 people. Bug describes similar behavior on other models and a workaround, but this particular model is not working following those. Lunux this due to a change in Xorg?

Thank you for posting all of this information in one place. However, in reviewing this patch I don’t think it’s a proper fix. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Again, thank you very much. Sign up using Email and Password.

Who-T: elographics touchscreen setup

Touch screen support is just horrible. Hawk rthawkcom wrote on I attached a quick patch to address this problem and it seems to work just fine on my system.


To build a fixed package on hardy you need the default tools to build packages from source – see google:. As you can see, I needed the swap Y axis elogtaphics. The MatchProduct should be something contained in the info.

Mine is serial, but the monitor is just labelled as a standard LG model. But this patch reverses the y-axis.

I haven’t tested them but Linux pre-built drivers for 2. Hello, I am using Ubuntu 8. Otherwise run the following command to get information about your touchscreen: Linx Support Community Ubuntu.

Xorg evdev

Bryce Harrington bryce on SwapX and SwapY options in that driver seem like they would also help if the same issue comes up. So this looks like your issue.

The version I got is beta, so again, there may be further restrictions in getting access to that. Both the touchscreen and resolution issues I am having seem related although not linnux to this bug, and none of the fixes proposed here work for me.


You need to log in to change this bug’s status. The next step is to configure X to see the device. These dependencies are required by one of the earlier patches. On Fri, Aug 1, at Meanwhile I’d suggest anyone with these issues contact their reseller or Elo directly, and ask about the drivers. The calibration tool now works but I still don’t get proper coordinates. The snippet below is the one Tom ended up using, and it also shows the Calibration option being merged.