I drove to all parts of Connecticut with this job. These facets are certainly liked by the consumers who end up returning to the company over and over again. For this reason, Kem Bruno account on Crowdrise states how they try to give back to the community. That is why a number of the vehicles in the Curtin Livery fleet come equipped with wheelchair lifts as well as drivers who are fully trained and qualified to operate and service them. In addition to daily school bus transportation, buses for filed trips and extracurricular activities, and charter buses, Curtin Livery is proud to provide medical transportation for students with a variety of disabilities. Additionally, they make sure that local residents are hired within their organizations.

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Some were very good managers, but at least one was very condescending.

Indeed, for Kem Brunogetting people from A to B is more than just a business, it is chrtin way of helping their community by providing a much needed service in Connecticut. They even provide in field repair services to clients with their own wheelchair life equipped vehicles.

Why use Curtin Livery Service?

Curtin Livery Employee Reviews

How are such individuals supposed to get the care that they need in order to live healthy and happy lives? Every day, thousands of individuals use non-emergency medical transportation in order to handle chronic illnesses, disabilities, and minor health problems.

Kem Bruno and Curtin Livery also feels that the need for medical transportation is something that all children should be able to take advantage of as well. This includes daily school bus transportation for students, as well as field trip and extracurricular activities transport, charter trips for longer distances, special needs transportation for students with mental and physical disabilities. Non-emergency medical transportation, as opposed to emergency medical transportation such as ambulances, are for cases in which there is no immediate danger to the life of the patient.


At the same time, they have ensured that they charge the right prices while offering the right amount of convenience to customers.

There are countless adults and children around the country for whom trying to get from A to B is a constant struggle and requires assistance from friends and family, not to mention medical equipment. That is why each of the vehicles in the Livety Livery fleet goes through a state inspection performed by the Department of Transportation as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Owner Kem Bruno and Curtin Livery Student Transportation are most well known for their statewide contracts with various school districts in the Connecticut area for their bus and van services. This includes daily school bus transportation, field trips and extracurricular transportation, charter trips for longer distances, and of course, special needs student transportation. Curtin Livery Services and Kem Bruno. That is why each of the vehicles in the C urtin Livery fleet goes through a state inspection performed by the Department of Motor Vehicles licery Department of Transportation to ensure they are in top working condition.

Their special needs transportation services are a particular point of pride within the company. Curtin Livery Transportation Services is also well known for their statewide contracts with many school districts for their bus and van services.

Curtin Livery | Better Business Bureau® Profile

They provide daily school bus transportation, transport to and from field trips and extracurricular activities, charter buses and vans for longer journeys such as camps and sporting events, and special needs transportation services for students with medical disabilities. The process of medical transport starts even before the client gets into the vehicle.

The process starts with having each of the vehicles in their fleet go through state inspections performed by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Transportation in order to make sure that all vehicles are in top shape even before a driver gets behind the wheel.


This is one of the main characteristics of the company. They are capable of understanding the needs of their local community personally while delivering specialized services. And every day, transportation companies follow through liverg deliver on their promise to get children safely to school. This is especially true for parents and guardians of students with medical disabilities.

Cuetin includes inadequate public transportation, as well as the cost and frustrations of maintaining private vehicles.

Showing all 5 reviews. In these situations, it is important to know where you can turn to for help in taking care of your medical needs. As a full service transportation company, they are most well known for their statewide contracts with various school districts for their bus and van services. This has motivated Curtin Livery to include multiple buses and vans that are livey with wheelchair lifts, as well as fully licensed, qualified, and trained drivers who can maintain and operate them.

Relaxed but well run autoshop. That is why Curtin Livery works hard to ensure that their staff are all licensed and qualified to handle any and all necessary medical situations.

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For Curtin Medical Livery Service and Kem Bruno nothing is more important than providing the most courteous, reliable, and safe transportation possible.

Individuals with medical needs face more challenges that the rest of us, and this is especially true when it comes to transportation. I learned that in this job you need to be professional and polite no matter how you are curtih.