I dont get a picture. While it’s nice to be able to buffer 32 frames, If you are using analysis looking for motion ZM might get behind. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Let me know if anything else is needed that could help. Please consult your logs for error number Saved me buying a new video capture card, and it looks pretty good.

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I know that the new V4L2 driver is supposed to be able to allocate generid value depending on the applications needs, although I’m not sure how this is passed from the application to V4L2.

Gdneric thought the card can support x but when i put the resolution to that. But in zm the best i get is x, and garbage instead of images garbage as in a lot of video noise, lines, dots and other stuff like that.

Retrieved from ” https: There are 4 small headers and one large one, there are also two 2-pin connectors and the unpopulated footprint for a molex power connector. Thanks again for taking the time to bother with such issues How to apply color correction using the Gradie Those by878 are great. Any ideeas what can i do? I have a question for you: I use the following driver on Windows XP, but, according to the documentation it supports Windows as well.


Generic Bt878 capture card driver problems

The time now is While the driver has introduced 1 or 2 little problems, I get 3 Composite Video options in my format options. Let me know if anything else is geneic that could help.

It works just great under windows, i mean colour, and different resolutions. Please consult your logs for error number Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks all! Don’t configure any inputs you are not using though, If you have three cams, configure only the three inputs.

I have it working sort of I think.

I could kiss you! Thanks again, and Cheers!

With my Athlon I can capture to divx up to vertical, any higher vertical resolution and my CPU tops out and I start dropping frames like mad. It’s not much, but as I understood from this forum, it’s the limit of this card.

I have only 3 inputs configured, all 3 running at x,rgb24,3 fps. You could even go down to 8.

Something else you can do is either put a dvd player on an input and see if you still see the same effect from that, then you know it’s something on the computer.

If this cable is plugged into connector 1, the “blue” and “green” cables are the video inputs, and the “red” genedic are audio.


Run dmesg from the console after this problem starts, any errors that the kernel encounters show up usually here towards the end of the output as far as things hardware related which includes capture cards Not IP cams though. Anyone know if this supports higher resolutions under linux? All configured monitors on a device each BT chip is one device must be configured to be the same size, generc, and palette.

Generic Bt capture card driver problems | OCAU Forums

How to record anything on your screen using th Attempting to select input 2 or 3 crashes VLC. Fix your modprobe settings as detailed above, and suddenly it works! The card drops way to many frames in Divx 5 at x, however it never dropped 1 frame at x both at 25fps, based on a 20 second clip. If this cable is plugged into connector 2, the “blue” and “green” cables are the video inputs, and the “red” connectors do nothing.

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